The Great British Dog Walk

So as well as making a resolution to visit more gallery and get more engaged with art again, I have also been aiming to get fitter.

So when I heard about The Great British Dog Walk which was taking place at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. This sounded the perfect day out for myself and Banquo my dog.

This walk takes you around some of the Sculptures, which are ranged between abstract upcycled pieces and bright uplifting sculptures.

We didn’t pass by the house as it is currently undergoing work, but we did cross through its grounds which are just as picturesque.

This trail also took us up through the woods and around the reservoir. Some parts of were off limits to us due to having Banquo with us and there is close farmland.


The Big Reveal

It’s finally time to share the big project.

So a fantastic thing about working for Tesco is that i have found as a company it genuinely cares about the community. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a fantastic team that have put together a special exhibition for our community. This exhibition celebrates our store, Sowerby Bridge Tesco 5121 serving the community for ten years! 

The exhibition will be running for three weeks before being donated into the community. It is build of photographs that show the evolution of Sowerby Bridge from over the years, including some photographs from local archives and historical societies. It also includes photographs taken by staff, members of the public from the town as it is today. Additionally we have been permitted to use a selection of stills from TV dramas such as Happy Valley, as these were filmed in and around Sowerby Bridge. We have even sourced footage of Sowerby Bridge which ties in great with the exhibition and is centre stage.

If your local or passing by within the next three week I would seriously recommend seeing the exhibition in person. 

Here’s some photograph following the installation and of course some of the wonderful team I have been a part of. 

We couldn’t have put this exhibition together without the help of our community so we must thank every single one of the people who contributed images, video footage, knowledge and skills.

People who made this possible:
Tesco lot:

Caroline O’harah 

Matt Keanan 

Rachel Freeman

Miranda Lister

Charlotte Davenport

Colin Stout

Debbie Lewis

Jo Coldwell
Trades Men: 

Ian Freeman

Rob Knight

Ben Blackall

Dorothy Holmes

Jason Foster

David Cliff

Andrew Gregson

Amy Gill from Red Productions

The Ryburn Valley History Society

Sowerby Bridge Library

The Pennine Heritage
Knowledgeable people: 

Bob Galtrey

Jeff Springfellow

Out and About…

Had a lovely day off and got the camera out! First time i’ve properly used it in over a year!
Lets hope theres many more days like this to come.
The photographs are to be used in the big project i’m working on but i’ll post my favourite, this is Dugdale Ltd based in Valley Mill, Sowerby Bridge.
The project goes public in six days, so many more images to come. Exciting and busy times.

Something big…

It may have been a quite start to the year for me on here, but in reality it’s been crazy!

For those who are not aware I work for Tesco (and love it) and I’m currently part of a group putting together something completely different. This will celebrate my Store being part of the community for ten years and will be put on for all of our customers before getting donated. A wonderful gift to the community.

For now that is all I’m going to say as I want the photographs from this project to be as impacting as they can. So watch this space…